The VCare Dispensing System – what is it? How will it help you manage your medicines?

How VCare works for tablets, capsules and liquids

Until now packs containing daily medicines, sometimes called blister packs, daily medication packs or monitored dosage systems (MDS) have only been capable of handling tablets or capsules.

Here at Gees Pharmacy we use the VCare system which allows us to dispense for you, both tablets, capsules and also liquids into separate pods.

Our patients have found this particularly useful if they have problems pouring or measuring liquid medicines.

Your medicines will be presented to you in a tamper-evident sealed unit, with descriptions on the seal as to the medicine contained inside.

What is truly unique to VCare is that these pods can be popped out and taken with you when your out for the day – even the liquids too!

Each pod has the date and time for the medicine to be taken on the seal increasing patient safety, and also reminding you of when the medicine has to be taken.

The VCare System – How it enables medicines to be given and taken safely.

The VCare system consists of:

  • Individually sealed pods containing tablets or liquids
  • The pod provides a built in ‘cup’ for your liquids.
  • The pods are individually sealed with a film cover
  • The pods can be popped out of the tray and taken with you on day trips and outings even pods containing liquids.
  • Fully customise to your requirements.
  • Medicines can be dispensed and delivered as weekly or monthly trays.
  • Each pod provides information as to the time and date of the required medicine administration.


In the pharmacy – VCare enables pharmacists deliver crucial information.

Recording information:
Pharmacists will add patient information to our records including allergies.

Tablets and liquids are dispensed into pods contained within the trays.

Printing, Sealing & Assembly: 
The tray film is now printed along with an option of printing a MAR Chart / Patient Information Sheet.


In the care home or nursing home – VCare helps you minimise risk during the drug round and increase patient safety.

Within the care home or nursing home setting, VCare provides the ultimate way of dispensing medicines and monitoring drug usage.

The VCare system includes patented pod & tray dispensers, sealers, cabinets, trolleys, mini-packs for community use and pharmacy software.

  • VCare helps compliance with current CQC regulations.
  • VCare reduces risk allowing safer administration of medicines.
  • The MAR charts show a photo of both the patients and the tablet to aid identification.
  • We provide a cream body MAR chart for you to mark application site.

Once received from the pharmacy, individual patient packs can be stored in the lockable VCare Trolley which complies with CQC regulations.

Each Patient Pack contains a 28-pod tray, with individually removable tamper-evident medicine pots.

The tray and pods are clearly labelled and can be opened easily, however once opened, they cannot be resealed, providing extra security and accountability.

VCare enables general practitioners and pharmacists to provide a user-friendly patient pack to patients, with individually labelled tamper-evident pods which can be kept within the sealed tray or removed individually when it’s time to take the drugs.

Each individual pod contains important information such as patient name, date, time of day and individual drugs contained within the pod.

The tamper evident seals provide the ideal way to prevent spillage and whilst the seal is strong, they can be easily removed by arthritic patients.

Benefits of the VCare System

  • The system is compatible with tablets, capsules and liquid medicines
  • Individually sealed and individually removable tamper-evident pods
  • 28-pod trays with drug & patient information printed on every pod
  • Aids patient compliance and provides maximum accountability

For our Patients – VCare is an effective, safe and transportable system.

Patients or their carers can see at a glance when medication is required.

  • The individual pods can be quickly and easily pushed out of the tray and when the seal is removed
  • the patient can take their medicine directly from the pod
  • the need for medicine cups or spoons is removed