Prescription Service- what is it all about

Let us deliver your prescription to your designated address

For an NHS prescription (both from a doctor, dentist or other prescriber) the fee is £9.00 per item unless you are exempt from paying charges.

If you are not certain whether you are exempt one of our pharmacy team will be able to advise you.

You can email, fax or post your prescription to us to discuss any issues you may have before dispensing, but please note we require the original before dispensing.

Telephone: 01420 489110, Fax: 01420 472409.

We can also arrange collection of the prescription.

Our collection service is available within a 20 mile radius of the pharmacy.

We deliver to all mainland UK addresses.

If you have a repeat prescription and would like us to dispense it please contact us to arrange this service.

If you wish to proceed then we require information which of course is confidential between you and the pharmacy.

In order to be able to discuss matters with you it will be necessary to fill in the following form and keep your password confidential to yourself (carer) and the pharmacy:


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  • This information is only required to confirm the identity of person calling.
  • Should you wish us to dispense a private prescription a similar procedure is followed.
  • You will also have the choice of having your prescription dispensed in original packs or in our unique pod system called Biodose.

See information on our Collection and Delivery Service