Care and Nursing Homes

Gees Pharmacy provides a personal approach to your nursing needs

Here at Gees Pharmacy we already provide many care and nursing homes with medication through the Biodose system.

We also provide

  • annual audits and feedback within the CQC regulations
  • Training for staff

The Biodose system provides a single system for administering solid oral tablets and capsules, together with liquid medications, making Biodose the first system capable of delivering a complete solution to drug administration within the care home environment.

We provide customised patient information sheets and MARS charts, giving you the ability to make the process of medicine administration much easier.

Most importantly the Biodose system helps reduce medication errors due to the enhanced information provided the seal of each pod.

Benefits of Biodose in Care Homes

  • The only system capable of supplying tablets and capsules as well as liquid medicines
  • These pods remain sealed even if removed from the tray – ideal for day trips.
  • Individually sealed and individually removable tamper-evident pods
  • 28-pod trays with date, time, drug & patient information printed on the seal of every pod
  • Aids patient compliance and provides maximum accountability
  • Built in Biomaster protection helps to prevent MRSA
  • Biodose helps reduce medication errors
  • Helps improve drug administration management
  • Unique MAR charts are provided for the medication with a photo of the patient and a photo of the actual tablet or capsule printed onto the MAR
  • Anatomical MAR charts are supplied for you to annotate application sites for creams


Using Biodose in the Care Home Environment

The tray contains patient information, including the option of an individual photograph, plus drug detail information and the name of the dispensing pharmacy. Each individual pod contains detailed information including patient name, date, time of day and individual drug details.

The tamper evident seals used on each pod ensure that the medication is kept securely within the pod and ensures that liquids do not leak, even if the pod or tray is accidentally turned upside-down during transit or administration.

Once the tamper-evident seal has been peeled back, it will not stick down again, ensuring that the drugs contained are the same as what the Pharmacist intended. Therefore you can be sure that at the point of administration, the right drugs are being administered. This provides extra security and accountability needed in the care home setting.

Because Biodose includes trays with the facility to include patient pictures, temporary staff will be confident in knowing that the right patient receives the right drugs. And, right from the moment that the pod seal is peeled back, drugs can be administered directly from the pod, making liquid administration very easy and removing the need for medicine cups.

A Biodose Trolley is available, capable of storing up to 80 patient packs and any additional items. The trolley contains an integrated waste collection facility, making rounds quick and easy.

The incorporation of Biomaster into Biodose system provides built-in protection against MRSA, making Biodose the ultimate system for drug administration management for care homes.