Biodose for patients at home

The safer way to take medicines at home

Here at Gees Pharmacy we understand how difficult it is to remember to take the right medicines at the right time.

We have had such good feedback from our community patients as the Biodose allows our patients the freedom to go about their daily lives, including day outings or visiting friends, without having to rush back home to take medicines.

This is because

  • the pods containing your tablets and even liquids can be popped out and taken with you.

Therefore, Biodose has major benefits over the standard monthly tablet blister packs, and we can customise your tray to monthly or weekly administration – just speak with us and tell us what is easier for you.

Our patients and carers think Biodose is particularly useful especially with treating patients with learning difficulties, arthritis, dysphasia, dementia or complicating disabilities.

This is because

  • The Biodose system is given to you as sealed Trays
  • Each tray contains 28 pods
  • Each pod contains the patient and drug information
  • Each pod is labelled with the patient’s name, date, time of day and individual drug details of the medicine within the Pod
  • The medicine Pods are designed in such way to be ergonomic, with easy-remove seals
  • The pod can be used to take the medicine, instead of medicine cups or spoons, for making the whole process quick, clean and simple

The individual medicine Pods contain a tamper-evident liquid-tight seal providing security for the patient and ensuring that liquid dosages remain intact and unadulterated prior to opening.


The Biodose system contains Biomaster protection, this helps prevent MRSA, important in treating patients at risk of infection.

Pharmacists can supply MARS charts and Patient Information Sheets where necessary, to further assist in helping carers provide a higher standard of medication management in domiciliary care.